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At BowZer Buddy, we are committed to offering the most helpful, high-quality, and interesting products available to make life with your pet exceptional!

We understand the need for simplifying your dog's care. That's why we deliver products that are convenient for you and make dog-walking & clean-up a breeze!

Convenience is a priority but so is sustainability. We 

strive to make eco-friendly products, such as our 100% biodegradable waste bags, so you can feel good about the products you're using. 

BowZerBuddy is a division of RSA Brands.


Our Story

"I was just like everybody else–I used grocery bags and newspaper bags and I realized I am not helping the environment with the bags that I'm using for picking up."


Marlies Barton knew she had to find an eco-friendly alternative to how she picked up after her dog. With no luck finding a bag that was not on a continuous roll, Barton then made it her mission to make her own sustainable and struggle-free product. 

Barton did not stop there. She considered the inconveniences that many face on their walks, such as forgetting their keys and treats for their dog. With these challenges in mind, Barton founded and created the BowZer Buddy, the

all-inclusive dog walking necessity. 

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