BowZer Buddy & Poop Bags



Jun 22, 2017

I picked up BowZer Buddy bags at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo years ago, and have been using them since. By far, one of the best purchases I've ever made for my pets. The bags are easy to access and use, not to mention, the most durable biodegradable bags I've ever used. I love the convenience of the pouch, as well — I can carry essentials when I'm out with my dogs, worry free. I've had the pleasure of meeting Marlies multiple times — super and friendly customer service, whether an in person or online experience.



Jun 19, 2017

I've used BowZer Buddy bags for years now, and they have been excellent. No more fumbling to open a bag, never a split bag, and the carry case make using them so convenient. I've especially appreciated these bags in the cold weather, and when walking multiple dogs. no fuss, no hassle!



Jun 19, 2017

I cannot say enough positives about this product and the impact it has made of the quality of my dog walking experience. Before I bought the BoyZer Buddy I was fumbling around with plastic grocery bags that would catch in the wind while I was trying to pick up poo. Trying to tie them while handling 3 active Dachshunds was like tap dancing while patting your head and rubbing your stomach. The BowZer Buddy hangs off my fanny pack and when one goes the bathroom, I quickly flip one of the biodegradable bags and pick it up- pull the drawstring and away we go. My dog walkng experience went from being extremely painful to an extremely enjoyable experience. I think my dogs Cole, Aspen and Zach would agree and undoubtedly give this product 12 paws up!


Jo Powers

Jun 19, 2017

Bowzer Buddy has made me feel posh as I walk my collies. The carry bag has been a constant companion carrying dog treats and flashlights at least twice a day. The bags are large and hold plenty. Given a choice, I'll pick BowZer Buddy for my buddies and me every time.


Debbie A. - Wheeling, IL

Jun 14, 2017

I am so glad I've found you again, I cannot and will not walk my dog or any dog without these incredible/sturdy eco friendly bags!!! No other compare - The Buddy pouch is a must for me and when my dog sees me grad it she knows we're out for a walk. Best invention ever - Shark Tank should see this pitch. I've used the bags also to fill with water for my doggie - Thank You and PLEASE do not stop selling - I'd be lost without them!


Rose O. - Illinois

Nov 28, 2016

Love the Drawstring 
I purchased the Bowzer Buddy a few years ago at the Pet Expo in Arlington Hts, didn't use them until this past week when I was traveling with my dogs. This product is amazing, easy to use, easy to close, love the drawstring to hold until a trash can is found. How can I order refills? I would also like to order another BowZer Buddy for my sister who has 5 dogs. Thanks so much!


Lisa - Hartland, WI

Jul 31, 2015

I run with my dog almost every day so I have the BowZer Buddy also and it makes stopping to pick up a lot faster than trying to monkey with the traditional poo bag, not the mention the handles are great until I can run past a garbage can!


Java (the dog)

Jun 27, 2015

My owner recently had shoulder surgery and has radial nerve damage. She now loves BowZer Buddy even more! Easy to dispense, open & close. Thank you, Marlies, for making Beth so happy and taking me for walks again. ~ Java (the dog)


Marlene Emler MacLean

Jun 19, 2015

We never run out! 
The main draw for my husband and I, initially, was the fact that Bowzer Buddy poop bags are 100% biodegradable. After using Marlie's product for several years now, we also appreciate the ability to dispense only one bag at a time instead of ripping a bag from a roll. The Bowzer Buddy bags are also much thicker than those bags on a roll. It is apparent how much thought went into the actual pouch that holds the bags, and although we don't carry credit cards, money, house keys and such in the Bowzer Buddy pouch - we love the fact we can carry an extra pack of bags. There was nothing worse than going for the old bags on the roll while walking our dogs, only to find we had already used the last bag and were now empty! Now, with Bowzer Buddy bags and pouch, we never run out of bags while we are walking. Great product! Highly recommended!


Robin Jones

Jun 18, 2015

I LOVE these bags and my buddy! 
I have been using this product since I was first introduced at a Pet Expo several years ago. I swear by them and would not use anything different. While I live in a community that provides bags but they are flimsy I prefer to use my BowZer poop bags.



Jun 18, 2015

Sturdy Bags! 
When Bowzer Buddy originally went out of business, we stocked up and then when we ran out we have to buy those awful bags from the pet stores. You are don't know how good it is to have these back. You don't get your hands dirty, the bags are sturdy and there's a nice drawstring on them we are very pleased to have them back thank you again. 

*** Note from Buddies by Marlies, Inc. 
We did consider closing down, but never had the chance to go out of business. We had too many requests from our loyal customers to keep supplying them with these great biodegradable draw-string bags. Thank you all for your loyalty!


Christine - Melbourne, FL

Jun 10, 2015

Best bags we've ever used . . . 
The buddy and poop bags are the best bags we've ever used. We first used them in Chicago and now we still order them even though we've moved to Florida! We have 3 dogs and we use them every day. Plus they are eco-friendly! Marlies has a customer for life.


Kim A. - Fort Wayne, IN

May 04, 2014

I am ecstatic over the BowZer Buddy! 
I have tried many different types of poop bags in many different types of dispensers. BowZer Buddy is the most convenient with superior bags. No matter the consistency of the waste, the bags come through. Easy out, pick up, and you are done. No leaks. No mess. No smell. My husband will even carry the BowZer Buddy with him when just he and the dog go for a walk. I will buy no other but BowZer Buddy pouches.


Jen - South Barrington, IL

May 10, 2013

I recommend you to everyone 
I appreciate your amazing products and service. I am getting this Buddy for one of the houses my dog and I visit often - it is that important and useful! I would recommend you to everyone!


Steve S. - Fort Wayne, IN

Apr 29, 2013

Fantastic Product 
I have to admit I was a little hesitant at first because of the price, but having used the BowZer Buddy for a couple weeks, it was money well spent. Walking 2 full grown labs at the same time is chore in itself, but the BowZer Buddy makes clean up quick and easy. I would highly recommend this product.


Alexander J. - Oak Park, IL

Dec 08, 2012

Best doggie poop bag system ever 
These bags are some much easier to work with -- no hunting for perforations, no having to tear it off -- I can even grab and use a bag without having to take my gloves off when walking our dog in the winter.


Nickie O. - Hanover Park, IL

Dec 04, 2011

Fantastic Product 
I purchased this item last year at a craft show and it is by far a great product. I used to struggle carrying my garage door opener, house keys and cell phone. It holds everything and is so easy to use. The bags are durable and just the right size for any dog. This is a must have item for any dog owner. Perfect holiday gift for dog lovers.


Pamela - Chicago, IL (Passion for Pets)

May 26, 2011

Strong, Big, Easy, & Reliable! 
BowZer Buddy is ingenious. It not only holds the best dog poop bags I have run across, but it also holds my keys, business cards, money ... everything a dog walker needs fits right into the BowZer Buddy. 
The biodegradable bags are strong, big, easy to open and reliable. They are far superior to any other dog bag ... and they are pretty!


Krista A. - Elmhurst, IL

May 11, 2011

So Convenient! 
Just wanted to say thank you for the fast shipping! The order arrived yesterday. I have two dogs, both female. Cecy is an 8-year-old Lab/Basenji mix, and Cricket is a 5-year-old Sheltie/Dachshund. We usually go for three walks every day, and I love the convenience of being able to just grab the BowZer Buddy and go.


Jeanine K. - Ventura, CA

Mar 25, 2011

Absolutely Fantastic! 
I have searched long and hard for anything even moderately comparing to your BowZer Buddy out here in the West, but have come up empty handed. I think your product is absolutely fantastic for those dog people who are constantly on the move with their dog(s)! I have mine with me all the time. We have 3 Siberian Huskies that go everywhere with us, so we really use your BowZer Buddies a lot!!! We think your product is the greatest.


Donna H. - Leesburg, VA

Feb 08, 2011

We Love Your Bags!
Marlies, I just wanted to thank you for sending our latest shipment of bowzer bag refills. We love your bags and were introduced to them at an event sponsored by Save The Tails in Leesburg, VA. We have adopted a very special golden retriever/collie who has boundless energy so your bags come in handy as I try to reign him in and take care of business. They are so easy to open it helps a lot! We also have a smaller cockerpoo and together they keep me going. So thanks for the baggies. We absolutely love them and give them as gifts to all our dog friends. Warmly, Donna Holt (Louie and Barkley)


Lynn D. - WIlmette, IL

Dec 19, 2010

I have a pet care business and finally found the greatest "pickup" product ever. The BowZer Buddy holds my refill pouches in the outside pocket and I put my money and checks in the safe zipper pocket. The pick up is easy and clean! 
I am giving a Buddy and pouches to all my workers.


Shannon B. - Topeka, KS

Nov 16, 2010

Thank You! 
I just got my 2nd shipment of bags today. Just wanted to write a quick note to say thanks for the personal note inside on the receipt! I do love my Bowzer Buddy. I've got a collie and a bernese mountain dog and walks have been SO much easier since I've gotten it! Thanks again! Keep up the great work!


Jon S. - Chicago, IL

Jun 07, 2010

Awesome Product 
I just got the Bowzer Buddy last week and am totally impressed. Each feature of it has a really useful purpose. The ease of pulling out the bags with only one hand. The big clip to hook on your belt and I clip mine to my leash when I get back from walking. No more searching for a poop bag before walking my dog. And no running out of bags during your walk. It's great to be using a bio degradeable bag. 
I would recommend this to every dog. Also, I hooked a extra house key to the inside, so I will never be locked out again when I forget to grab my keys before walking. Love it!!


Golden Companion Dog Training - Streamwood IL

May 04, 2010

Fun & Useful 
This is perfect when I walk my own dogs because I never had something to carry my business cards or cell phone in. I always forgot them before and now I can use my Bowzer Buddy to carry my business cards in when people ask me about training when out on a walk. Before I would almost never have them. Now I can leave them in there all the time! And My iPhone fits great in there. The convent key chain now allows me to keep a house key on there at all times. The days of locking myself out of the house is over.


Linda Oliver - Mundelein IL

Apr 15, 2010

Great Product 
I recently began using this Bowzer Buddy and it makes dog walking so much easier. the caribiner click easily attaches to my water pouch that I also carry and access to the biodegradable bags is simple. I'm not concerned about running out of bags when my dog decides to deposit twice. Thank you for your creativity and business.


Diane M - Arlington Heights IL

Mar 19, 2010

The Absolute Best! 
I've owned and been walking dogs for over 30 years. In that time I believe I've tried every type of pick up product out there. I received BowZer Buddy as a gift from a friend. I only had to use it once to know this product is the best thing since the invention of the leash. The bags dispense easily one at a time. Other products say they do, but they don't. The bags are also large enough and seal well enough to make the rest of the walk enjoyable. I thank you for the convenience and my dogs thank you for going on more walks!


Heidi Auriemma - Des Plaines IL

Feb 25, 2010

Great Organizer!!! 
I love my buddy. Now when I leave the house I know that I have everything I need. I always have a house key and some money in my buddy. The pick up bags are great how I don't have to tear them off a roll and they close so easily. The whole system has made walking my dog so much easier!


Joanne - Monroe WI

Feb 23, 2010

Don't leave home without it! 
The Bowzer Buddy is a wonderful product!! It has my ID, my money, keys, cell phone and dog bags for my adventure with my 2 dogs. It is so convenient to have the Bowzer Buddy hanging with my dog leashes, don't have to pack dog bags in my pockets or carry them if I don't have pockets. The Bowzer Buddy hangs right on my belt loop. And I'm out the door. You can't ask for an easier product to use.


Susan E. & Pup Toby - Park Ridge IL

Feb 22, 2010

Making life just a little easier! 
A friend of mine gave me one of your BowZer Buddies, which I just love! I am going to recommend it to my friends, neighbors, and family. Actually, I already did... yesterday I was out walking my pup with my new BowZer Buddy clipped on securely and one of my neighbors saw me take a bag out and asked me about it. I gave him your website. I really like the purple bags and the idea that they are 100% biodegradable. Thank you for making life just a little easier!


Nancy - Orlando FL

Feb 21, 2010

This is the best doggone new product ever! 
Love it. Have it clipped to my leash and ready to go at a moment's notice. The 100% biodegradable bags are a great product. I am getting Bowzer Buddies for all my dog walking friends. Thank you!


Jody Bogdan - Kildeer IL

Feb 20, 2010

Helps me manage walking 3 at a time! 
I really like the way the utilizes just one hand, even walking three dogs I managed just fine. The quality is great and I can see how the nylon zipper works better. The material feel is nice and it doesn't collect dog hair! Another plus I found with the bags was sometimes I have used other kids of devices and you go to get one bag and another comes out with it, then you are shoving it back and it adds bulk. These came out easily and cleanly just one at a time so that was great, truly one handed.


Monroe, WI

Feb 18, 2010

Doubles as Water Bowl 
The bag can also be used as a water bowl. The poop bag is strong enough to hold water if you're on a long walk and your dog needs a drink. Such a great idea!


Leslie Lipowski - Kildeer IL

Feb 16, 2010

LOVING your bags!! 
I LOVE YOUR POOP BAGS....when I pick up a runny poop all I have to do is turn and grab the pull..they are really great..great work and design on your part! ...I am going to need to buy some more bags!


Grooming Brush



Jun 27, 2015

The grooming brush is so easy to use and clean. When I get it out, our pup waits to be brushed!


Carol - Oak Forest, IL

Jul 17, 2014

My cat will be happy tonight! 
Just received the Pet + Me cat brush order. Thanks! My co-worker ordered one too and another co-worker might be interested. My cat is going to be very happy tonight as I lost the one I bought from a nice man at the Oak Law Pet Show this spring--I found a BowZer Buddy business card in my purse. I was a little skeptical, but my cat and I really really liked it. The regular brush with plastic coated metal bristles is not so rewarding to use. I never made it to the Custer fair in Evanston to get a replacement.. I saw today there is a store that carries them in Orland Park, not too far from home, but it was nice to have a quick delivery service.


Debbie - Florida

May 02, 2014

Cats Love the Brush! 
Omg, they are flying off the shelf! Can I order one more pkg? 
My cats love them, & so do everyone else's!

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