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"I picked up BowZer Buddy bags at the Pittsburgh Pet Expo years ago, and have been using them since. By far, one of the best purchases I've ever made for my pets. The bags are easy to access and use, not to mention, the most durable biodegradable bags I've ever used. I love the convenience of the pouch, as well — I can carry essentials when I'm out with my dogs, worry free. I've had the pleasure of meeting Marlies multiple times — super and friendly customer service, whether an in person or online experience."



"I've used BowZer Buddy bags for years now, and they have been excellent. No more fumbling to open a bag, never a split bag, and the carry case make using them so convenient. I've especially appreciated these bags in the cold weather, and when walking multiple dogs. no fuss, no hassle!"



"I cannot say enough positives about this product and the impact it has made of the quality of my dog walking experience. Before I bought the BoyZer Buddy I was fumbling around with plastic grocery bags that would catch in the wind while I was trying to pick up poo. Trying to tie them while handling 3 active Dachshunds was like tap dancing while patting your head and rubbing your stomach. The BowZer Buddy hangs off my fanny pack and when one goes the bathroom, I quickly flip one of the biodegradable bags and pick it up- pull the drawstring and away we go. My dog walkng experience went from being extremely painful to an extremely enjoyable experience. I think my dogs Cole, Aspen and Zach would agree and undoubtedly give this product 12 paws up"

Jo Powers

"Bowzer Buddy has made me feel posh as I walk my collies. The carry bag has been a constant companion carrying dog treats and flashlights at least twice a day. The bags are large and hold plenty. Given a choice, I'll pick BowZer Buddy for my buddies and me every time."

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